I’ve moved…


I’ll not be posting here anymore. My new address, along with all this content from this blog is now at:


Come on over!


I cheated on WordPress. I stepped away from WordPress.com for a moment, frustrated with it’s lack of a LibraryThing widget. Blast you WordPress!!! I set up on blog with BLOGGER. But I just couldn’t follow through. I met Blogger in the hotel bar for drinks, got into the elevator, but could not bring myself to the hotel room – although Blogger and I did make out in the elevator.

I knew it was wrong, so I have returned to WordPress, feeling badly, knowing it was wrong to leave, but also knowing it takes two to maintain a relationship. So I beg you please, WordPress, who I adore, can you manage a LibraryThing widget?

In the meantime, in an effort to refresh myself in this relationship, I have moved and it’s contents to a new WordPress address:


(as opposed to margothere.wordpress.com; same blog name, different address; yes, it’s confusing, but now it’s all matchy.)

I’ve moved all of my content with me, and am hoping this fresh start will move WordPress and I forward together. 🙂

A very last minute watercolor sketch to get me going again with Illustration Friday. I originally was thinking about masks, and decided that you don’t need to wear a full mask to wear one. (keep clicking for closer look.)A plastered on smile is often worn...

A plastered-on smile is often worn...




I have resolved to keep up with IF; this is the only image that has come to mind all week.

I always have a lot of ideas and they can overwhelm me, so I resolve to maintain some serenity amongst my thoughts and ideas.



Finally, I am getting back to Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “clandestine”, and immediately I cannot be serious and have the image of Groucho disguise glasses sitting in a drawer with a squirt gun, fake id’s and passports, pepper gum and other tools of the sneaky world. Before I could settle on a sketch, I saw a photo of a friends daughter with the groucho glasses on – adorable on this already expressive wee child – and it made me think of a candy sneak. So here’s my take on “Clandestine”, via my lovely friend’s little gal.


Happy Happy


Ok, not new but still, it’s worth a post. Enjoy

And you can learn more here:

Where the Hell is Matt?

Ok, back to studying….