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When asked to bring a “no soda” punch to school for a party, I said “Okay” and then heard crickets in my head as I tried to access “punch”. I was overwhelmed by the fruit juice combo choices & wondered why I don’t just go buy a big ol’ jug-a-something. I decided to embrace my […]

Inspired by “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure“, which was inspired by Ernest Hemingway, and was edited by Smith Magazine. ADD woman creates children and challenges Fast brain moves body through life. Brain needs to do something. Trying. Late night occupation – contemplation; not navel. Laughs, cries […]

This movie is fantastic – the script, every actor, the film work as a whole. Set in the mid?-1980’s in East Berlin, it’s a story about an Stasi agent monitoring a playwright and his girlfriend. The “successful” German Democratic Republic agent comes to know that the approval of his being dispatched to monitor the playwright […]



First blog, and here I go…