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Remember when you were a kid and you discovered how your two eyes worked together? One eye open and one closed, you saw the object of your glance in one place; switch eyes and the object moved, even though you didn’t move at all. I remember doing it again and again as I figured out […]

Easy Optimism


It’s easy to be optimistic during a second day of spring snow “storm” – it’s all beauty, slushy, and temporary. Think Spring!

I’ve decided that card table jigsaw puzzles are for winter. I need to pack it up (after the kids and I finish the one on the table right now). It’s Spring. Tweet-tweet. But what about those rainy days or sick days? They do happen. Beware, it’s online fun. Yeh, Fun! A couple of nights ago […]

My first interest in blogs was to find inspiration to jump start my flagging creativity. There are sooooo many wonderfully creative people out there just doing their thing, and it is fun to see what they generate. Loobylu is a great creative blog. Her stuff is terrific and the site has monthly links to other […]

Today, I added the Sonific SongSpot widget to my blog (this is ALL new to me). Sonific works easily with WordPress. Fun. So, I was looking for some music, found the Be Good Tanyas, who I like a lot. Then, I found one Violent Femmes “album”, “ROCK!!!!!: (1993). Since I am distracted by all things […]

Funny, Funny, Funny. Especially right now. Garfield minus Garfield; Just Jon!



In real life, as opposed to my puzzle dream, my family lived on an old farm. It wasn’t a working farm, but it had all the buildings. One day, when I was 14 or so, my mom and brother picked me up at a bus depot. We were driving home and had to pull over […]