Wink-Wink, Squint


Remember when you were a kid and you discovered how your two eyes worked together? One eye open and one closed, you saw the object of your glance in one place; switch eyes and the object moved, even though you didn’t move at all. I remember doing it again and again as I figured out that it’s cool to make things jump back and forth.

On Sunday, I watched the young son of a friend look at his mother as she sat with the choir. She was busy knitting and listening. He was leaning over his chair, his head resting sideways. Wink-Wink. Wink-Wink. Back and forth closing one eye at a time, focused on his mother. Wink-wink over and over with an occasional squint for a baseline. He did this for five minutes or so. I watched him watching her. I don’t know if he was discovering his eyes or his mother, or just passing time.

I imagine him seeing a kid doing the wink-wink thing someday, and connecting with that feeling and the memory his mom “jumping” side to side as she sat there knitting.


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