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Talent Crush


There’s nothing more attractive than a person in their element. Whatever the talent, if a person is doing the thing they are truly meant to do, it’s just very cool. I fell for my husband while he was in his element, directing the short film he wrote. One day. Him directing. Me props and wardrobe. […]

Skinny House


I visited Charleston for the first time. I love Charleston and I need to go back for more. Besides the history, the azaleas, the water, the cool cemeteries and architecture, there was this skinny pink house. I really fell hard for this skinny house, and became slightly obsessed with the skinny house concept. Why? At […]

I’m in a wonderful women’s spirituality class. It’s great. The women are great. We are all women and we are all great, and somehow we got on the topic of Buckthorn. Element One: Buckthorn. Buckthorn in Minnesota (and elsewhere) is an incredibly invasive shrub intentionally brought to the US from Europe. It thrives in horrible […]

It’s very cool when my kids get into music I like. I love it at night when I can hear the 10 year old listening to classical as the 6 year old listens to Neil Young. Miss Ava discovered and purchased Falco‘s “Rock Me Amadeus”; she musta caught my 1980’s vibe I was riding earlier […]