Buckthorn. Arrrgh.


I’m in a wonderful women’s spirituality class. It’s great. The women are great. We are all women and we are all great, and somehow we got on the topic of Buckthorn.

Element One: Buckthorn. Buckthorn in Minnesota (and elsewhere) is an incredibly invasive shrub intentionally brought to the US from Europe. It thrives in horrible conditions, suffocates natives, robs critters of their environments, reproduces like bunnies? and is just an all around bad plant for the area. I have done battle with Buckthorn, primarily by pulling and digging. The city I live in battles buckthorn. My state battles buckthorn. I have met other freaks like me who get just plain nutty about Buckthorn.

Element Two: Personality/Hormones. I am like an active volcano, bubbling with feelings waiting to emote. I have always been this way, but even more so these days.

Last Week: I had a short, but weepy eruption in front of these great women over the wonderful trees on the property our UU congregation hopes to build it’s new church.

This Week: I turn into this freak of my own nature, when I suddenly blurt out the phrase, “You’ve got to kill the Female!” This meant “remove the fruiting Buckthorn”, the seed carriers. But, “Kill the Female” spewed from my lips. It freaked me out, even if it was directed at a plant.

I thought about Walt Disney. Did he say this when hashing out the details for Bambi? I thought about how nutty it is to be thinking about this. I thought about how often people can be against or for something until they need the opposite thing. Then suddenly, and without any conscious memory of their previous “position”, they are for what they were against or against what they were for, etc. I thought about how decisions make those ripples that float outward, and, that I’ll never know if “killing” the female, or any Buckthorn, is really the right thing to do.

Arrrgh, Buckthorn… Arrrgh.


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