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I have not been blogging or surfing much, because I hit the wall. Mentally, I was crashing and burning, and wasn’t feeling like much of anything. Hit it and hit it hard. I have been here before. And I have gotten out of “here” using several mental methods, but a gal gets sick and tired […]

Because I want to be an elementary school librarian when I grow up… again (I’m 40). My first volunteer gig was when I was in 4th grade at my elementary school library putting away film strips. I grew up surrounded by books, books, books. As an adult, the best part of my work was going […]



Last evening my living room was on fire with color and light. There was an amazing glow. Originally, I photographed it for future reference. Then I found myself following the orange tangents throughout the house and yard. Go to my Flickr page for my 24 Hours of Orange.

Once upon a time, I was looking for a creative outlet that had a social justice component and found the Mother Bear Project. They collect and distribute hand knit or crocheted bears to children in emerging nations who are affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s a wonderful organization. I have had my Mother Bear pattern for awhile […]

We love Mo Willems‘ books, all of them. The books are FUNNY, funny. Great stories. Great characters with great facial expressions. The kids love them, and love that I am even nuttier than usual while reading them. And, Nutty is Good. “Aggle, Flaggle, Blarble” is a laugh fest. (see “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale“) One […]