Aggle Flaggle Blarble – Nutty is Good


a cautionary tale\ We love Mo Willems‘ books, all of them. The books are FUNNY, funny. Great stories. Great characters with great facial expressions. The kids love them, and love that I am even nuttier than usual while reading them. And, Nutty is Good. “Aggle, Flaggle, Blarble” is a laugh fest. (see “Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale“)

One afternoon we went to Wild Rumpus book store to to see Mo Willems. The shop was PACKED with kids. We parents were standing around the edges. Mr. Willems read “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy“. He and the book are hysterical. Nutty. Piles of laughing kids.

I couldn’t see my kids faces. But, I could see Ava’s right cheek rise into a rosy little roundness as she smiled and laughed. And, I could see Walter throw his head back with laughter. Joyful little pictures. And, the pigeons the kids learned to draw and make their own are also joyful little pictures.

Ava and Walt had their books signed (yippy!). And, I am sure I blushed when I said “thank you” to Mr. Willems, because I am a goof ball. Exhausted from laughing and blushing, the kids and I walked to the ice cream shop for a cone. We are lucky folks.

I wrote about “talent crush” in my last post. I told my husband that I have a talent crush on Mo Willems. Unsurprised, he said, “You do like those creative guys.” Yep, I do. So, talent crush. Respectful admiration. Good, clean, nutty fun.

(By the way, Mo Willems‘ website is terrific. “The Pigeon Presents” is great for the kids (and goof ball adults), and the blog has great fan mail, among many other things.)


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