Yep, I’m Sparkin’.


I have not been blogging or surfing much, because I hit the wall. Mentally, I was crashing and burning, and wasn’t feeling like much of anything. Hit it and hit it hard.

I have been here before. And I have gotten out of “here” using several mental methods, but a gal gets sick and tired of repeating a pattern after, say, 2.3 million times. So, I decided I needed to do something and it had to be different.

So, I am focusing on me. REALLY mentally engaging my physical health. And I’m doing it on the internet. AND I am making myself FULLY engage it. I found (SP):

“At SparkPeople, our mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives.”

Sounded good, so I jumped in. I track my exercise and food. I have joined online teams and communicate regularly. I am doing a LOT of physical and mental work.

This is hard. I am an introverted extrovert. (Blogging has been a something I challenged myself to do.) I never gravitate to group type things. (My book club is the first EVER successful, ongoing group activity). I am often embarrassed saying “I belong to this…” or “I subscribe to that..”. (Ridiculous, I know.)

But, it’s paying off. And, I write this with a look of confused astonishment on my face, because it’s confusing and astonishing. However, I will not over-think it. It’s working for me. I’m only in my 4th week, but it’s working for me.

Not everyday has been great (I think I wrote at SP that moving into better food/exercise habits feels like quitting smoking did.) Today, I feel good about exercise. I am not craving crap food. I have dropped eight pounds. I am thinking creatively about food. I am learning a new humility. I am sleeping better. And, PMS this month is under control! Yep, that’s good.

So, that’s what’s been going on. I’m Sparkin’. Oh, and by the way, it’s free. Yep, that’s good too.


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