Playing with a Full Deck


Before we left, I signed up for a contest at European Papers, which is a part of the Columbus Center for Paper and Book Arts in Ohio. They host a contest for ATC‘s each year and this year has a theme – “Playing with a Full Deck” which asks folks to alter antique reproductions of 18th Century French playing cards. I figure this would be a small step for me to take – small scale, small gesture toward putting myself out there. So I received the following assigned cards:

I am in the process of altering them. Here’s what I have so far:

This has been fun. I love the Eight of Hearts. I call it “Bourree” for the the French dance, and because there’s a card game called Bourre (one “e”). I have the Three of Spades sketched, and a rough idea for the Queen (she’s hard because she’s lovely just the way she is.)

The kids have been watching my progress as I do this. They want to alter cards as well, which will be a good idea for – what’s supposed to be – a rainy day. Cheers!


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