“poof!” Illustration Friday


In this self-portrait, humidity = poof!




13 Responses to ““poof!” Illustration Friday”

  1. Oh yes, I can definitely relate to this! I’m loving the color of the head, which radiates heat and poof!
    Really cool imagery!


  2. 2 conniemartin

    Like your drawing! At least you only go ‘poof’, given any humidity (plus heat) and I go ‘dead’! Look forward to looking back in!

  3. Great illustration—love the hair and the concept!

  4. You definitely caught the feeling of HEAT with humidity. Brilliant!

  5. 5 artseafartsea

    So right on. Great idea.

  6. Thnks 4 ur comm back on my blogg. Nice work too.

  7. You gotta love the “Poof!” Great job!

  8. 8 margothere

    Thanks for the comments, folks. I am having so much fun with IF, both the posting and the viewing!

  9. My wife has that same problem. Nice “poof.”

  10. Having a big hair day, the shimmering heat is great.

  11. Nice work – such lovely, warm colors!

  12. Reminds me of my hair today after getting caught in the rain storm at lunch!
    Fun illustration!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment!


  13. Hi Margot – Great Big Hair POOF! Not sure which is better limp or poof. btw: Thanks for commenting on my IF:POOF!

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