“Sail” – Illustration Friday



When I saw this topic, I realized I had already started a “Sail” for an ATC trade I am doing. I almost double dipped, but then this guy popped up and I thought I’d get him out here before I run out of time. I’ll probably post the other later, but for now, and for Illustration Friday, Here he is – Sail!

Later: Looking at him again, he may have been born out the Olympic swimming events. Cheers!


6 Responses to ““Sail” – Illustration Friday”

  1. I love this guy – he’s fantastic! beautiful and funny with a brilliant expression:-)really lovely!

  2. Ooh! good take on the theme!

  3. So creative, a different take on “sail.” I love how he’s holding up his cape, like wings, and the perspective, the cannon so small while he soars through the air. Fun!

  4. this is so fun! The facial expressions are a delight. Cant wait to see you other sail…

  5. Great, really enjoyed this

  1. 1 Sail – Again – Connection « green + blue = seven

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