“Detach” – Illustration Friday


Can I detach myself from the political circus? I am the monkey and the monkey is me…

This was my second idea for “detach”; my first was sending my kids off on their first days of school. However, as I was getting started, I overheard my six-year-old son repeating lines from a political ad for a man I am not particularly fond of. It was an “attack” ad that is constantly played during the Olympics. Hearing the negative words from my sons mouth – with the same intonation as the voice-over – got me to this political circus. So, can I – SHOULD I – detach myself from the circus? See no “evil”? Speak no “evil”? Hear no “evil”? hmmm.



12 Responses to ““Detach” – Illustration Friday”

  1. cute cute! ‘detach’ has been one of my favorite IF themes; people have gotten so creative with it! 🙂

  2. This is a great illustration of how crazy the political scene can get. It must be unnerving to have your son parroting that kind of stuff.

  3. 3 scooter

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. Nice illo and fun action to the monkeys…Scooter

  4. 4 Bella Sinclair

    Great commentary! Negative ads as a sign of desperation. I’ll be glad when November comes and goes. Cute trio of monkeys.

    Thank you so much for your warm comments on my blog.

  5. nice illustration!
    it can be so hard to detach yourself from negativity of politics but treating it with a sense of humor ( as you do) certainly helps 🙂

  6. I like that you don’t name names… very diplomatic… this circus has been so long…can’t wait for curtain call! Lovely monkeys!

  7. Cute drawing, but I do understand what you mean. They are so nasty on tv and it isn’t necessary.

  8. 8 dot

    yuk (the political ad, not the drawing!). i wish there was a way to just keep the kids away from politics!

  9. This is funny and timely. Love the monkeys and the “spin”.

  10. Very nice illo. I like The “Three monkeys ” simbol..Very funny.

  11. 11 conniemartin

    Cool illustration, but don’t detach yourself from the political scene!

  12. Wonderful take on the political circus that we deal with everyday for what seems like longer and longer every election. Creat drawing.

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