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Post-Post Note: I shouldn’t have linked from IL – I double posted. I think I’ve been getting a little carried away… This is a ATC I am working on for the topic “Connection”. I had sketched it before this weeks Illustration Friday topic “Sail”. As mentioned, I was going to double-dip this one but decided […]

Well, I have four pieces up on my bird wall. It’s much more pleasant than I am able to capture in digital. I love that I can look west out the window to see real birds at the feeders, and then look east to my bird wall. I love these birds for different reasons. The […]

When I saw this topic, I realized I had already started a “Sail” for an ATC trade I am doing. I almost double dipped, but then this guy popped up and I thought I’d get him out here before I run out of time. I’ll probably post the other later, but for now, and for […]

In this self-portrait, humidity = poof!

Am I taking her off the shelf or putting her on …

I have altered my last 18th Century reproduction playing card for the European Papers contest. My last, the Queen of Diamonds is my favorite because she is coming out of the card. This won’t translate when she’s squished in the wee ATC frame, but I’m enjoying her now! Tomorrow, it’s off to the post office; […]

I’ve been looking and thinking about it for awhile, and now I am finally posting on Illustration Friday. My girl has enough wild flowers and has almost had enough sunset – one last glimpse.