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I cheated on WordPress. I stepped away from for a moment, frustrated with it’s lack of a LibraryThing widget. Blast you WordPress!!! I set up on blog with BLOGGER. But I just couldn’t follow through. I met Blogger in the hotel bar for drinks, got into the elevator, but could not bring myself to […]

I have resolved to keep up with IF; this is the only image that has come to mind all week. I always have a lot of ideas and they can overwhelm me, so I resolve to maintain some serenity amongst my thoughts and ideas.

Happy Happy


Ok, not new but still, it’s worth a post. Enjoy And you can learn more here: Where the Hell is Matt? Ok, back to studying….

I started school the week of August 25th and WOW, have I had an adjustment. I haven’t journaled, painted, blogged, SparkPeopled, or read more than three pages at a time for pleasure. However, I have got my kids settled into the new school year, kept my weight steady, done laundry, cooked a few meals, had […]

Can I detach myself from the political circus? I am the monkey and the monkey is me… This was my second idea for “detach”; my first was sending my kids off on their first days of school. However, as I was getting started, I overheard my six-year-old son repeating lines from a political ad for […]

I have not been blogging or surfing much, because I hit the wall. Mentally, I was crashing and burning, and wasn’t feeling like much of anything. Hit it and hit it hard. I have been here before. And I have gotten out of “here” using several mental methods, but a gal gets sick and tired […]

Once upon a time, I was looking for a creative outlet that had a social justice component and found the Mother Bear Project. They collect and distribute hand knit or crocheted bears to children in emerging nations who are affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s a wonderful organization. I have had my Mother Bear pattern for awhile […]