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I started school the week of August 25th and WOW, have I had an adjustment. I haven’t journaled, painted, blogged, SparkPeopled, or read more than three pages at a time for pleasure. However, I have got my kids settled into the new school year, kept my weight steady, done laundry, cooked a few meals, had […]

It’s very cool when my kids get into music I like. I love it at night when I can hear the 10 year old listening to classical as the 6 year old listens to Neil Young. Miss Ava discovered and purchased Falco‘s “Rock Me Amadeus”; she musta caught my 1980’s vibe I was riding earlier […]

When asked to bring a “no soda” punch to school for a party, I said “Okay” and then heard crickets in my head as I tried to access “punch”. I was overwhelmed by the fruit juice combo choices & wondered why I don’t just go buy a big ol’ jug-a-something. I decided to embrace my […]