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Today I am reminiscing… Once upon a time, when my lovely daughter turned two, I decided to use my iMac to make stuff for people. I made a business name – amamagogo – based on something my daughter said. I made personalized party invitations. I made miscellaneous wedding things. I made “I’ve Moved” announcements. I […]

Because I want to be an elementary school librarian when I grow up… again (I’m 40). My first volunteer gig was when I was in 4th grade at my elementary school library putting away film strips. I grew up surrounded by books, books, books. As an adult, the best part of my work was going […]

I had about a day and a half of puzzle withdrawal. I kept walking to the table and there were no pieces, just a bunch of dogs and cats looking at me. Then, it was over it. The kids were back in school. I had a lot of catching up to do and a sunny […]