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I have resolved to keep up with IF; this is the only image that has come to mind all week. I always have a lot of ideas and they can overwhelm me, so I resolve to maintain some serenity amongst my thoughts and ideas.



Finally, I am getting back to Illustration Friday. This week’s word is “clandestine”, and immediately I cannot be serious and have the image of Groucho disguise glasses sitting in a drawer with a squirt gun, fake id’s and passports, pepper gum and other tools of the sneaky world. Before I could settle on a sketch, […]

Well, I have four pieces up on my bird wall. It’s much more pleasant than I am able to capture in digital. I love that I can look west out the window to see real birds at the feeders, and then look east to my bird wall. I love these birds for different reasons. The […]

When I saw this topic, I realized I had already started a “Sail” for an ATC trade I am doing. I almost double dipped, but then this guy popped up and I thought I’d get him out here before I run out of time. I’ll probably post the other later, but for now, and for […]

In this self-portrait, humidity = poof!