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We have been gone visiting family at the north Wisconsin cottage. Hubby and I took a side trip up to Madeline Island on Lake Superior while the kids hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. I did a lot of sitting, though biking and walking were a good part of it. A lovely trip. Here are […]



Our next Artist Trading Card (ATC) topic is “Connection”, and this is my gal “Wishing” to connect. She wants to connect with these birds – she wants them to come to her and she wants to fly off with them. If she just tries harder… Actually, she is too big to be an ATC. In […]

Today I am reminiscing… Once upon a time, when my lovely daughter turned two, I decided to use my iMac to make stuff for people. I made a business name – amamagogo – based on something my daughter said. I made personalized party invitations. I made miscellaneous wedding things. I made “I’ve Moved” announcements. I […]

This past week the kids spent a night at Auntie and Uncle’s house with the cousins and had a great time. When I came to pick them up – running behind, of course – I was greeted by my daughter with a hug and this cup of wild fleurs she picked on a walk. Then […]

I just discovered something at – Under “Printer Options” you can select “Word Search Puzzle” (Oh Boy!). So, I thought this was a fun discovery, though I am not sure when I’ll take advantage of it. Maybe while I am traveling? Maybe for a kid gathering where we cook? Maybe as part of some […]

Bird Wall


I wrote in my Etsy post that I am contemplating bird art purchases. I have a wall in the front stairway that keeps saying “Bird Wall” to me. So, I am looking at Etsy. I will do some painting of my own. I’ll also scout Goodwill and some garage sales. (I have some wheels turning […]

Because I want to be an elementary school librarian when I grow up… again (I’m 40). My first volunteer gig was when I was in 4th grade at my elementary school library putting away film strips. I grew up surrounded by books, books, books. As an adult, the best part of my work was going […]